Weekend Trip to Bay Area – Meet Fresh

Didn’t get to capture as many food pics as I wanted to but did get to try this new place that my brother has been raving about called Meet Fresh in Cupertino.  We came to this awkwardly named dessert place at an odd lunch hour however the line was still about 40 mins long!  While my brother and my mom stood in line, I took my little niece to get cotton candy and boba.  It’s great to see kids faces light up with happiness when they see a huge cotton candy ball placed in front of them.

For those that don’t know what this dessert is, it is  Taiwanese shaved ice.  This isn’t just your typical shaved ice with food coloring and flavoring, however.  This is piled mountain high full of mochi, jellies, beans, almond shavings, coconut, and boba.  The consistency of the ice is similar to fresh powder on a ski resort, which is what sets this dessert apart from everything.  Definitely worth a try if you have never experienced anything like it before, but beware, this thing can feed 3-4 people easily and is best enjoyed on a hot summer day!


Quick Weekend in Chi Town – Kuma’s Too, Purple Pig, Firecakes

Healthy burger at Kuma’s Too.  Great place after our 4.5 mile walk from River North toward Wrigleyville to catch Game 6 of the Cubs vs Dodgers NLCS series.


Brunch at The Purple Pig .  Got first seating right when they opened at 11:30am.  Perks of living 2 blocks away from the restaurant in River North!purple-pig-4

Not a broccoli guy…but after all the terrible eating this past weekend, this ain’t too shabby.  My rule of thumb is to never order something that I can make at home.  Trust me, I can’t make this at home.  Delicious creamy greens.purple-pig-1

Melt in your mouth sweet ass lamb ribs.purple-pig-3

Rounded up morning with dessert at Firecakes donuts.firecakes-2

MMMMMM…Pistachio donut is AHHHMAZZZINGGGfirecakes

Weekend Getaway in Las Vegas

Quick weekend trip to Vegas with co-workers who flew in from our headquarters in Pennsylvania.  Apparently Vegas is a once every few years kind of thing for them, where for me its a more than once a month ordeal.  12+ times this year already…and counting.  Had to stop by Giada after hearing rave reviews of this Food Network queen!


I felt like I was in her kitchen or living room the entire time I was dining here.  Service was excellent, even with my less than sober friend dining with us at this fine establishment for a late brunch.img_0839

The Antipasti menu.img_0841

Stuff to dip your toast in.  Almond butter, marscapone butter, raspberry jam, pepper, salt.img_0843

The god-tier Giada burger.  A blend of Wagyu, short rib, brisket, chuck & pancetta, all grilled to pink perfection with the BEST zucchini fries that I have ever tasted.img_0844

Before leaving Vegas, had to stop by Tacos El Gordo, super authentic, Tijuana style fingerlickin tacos.  You know this is the real deal when you walk in and everyone is mexican, including the families that dine to the cooks preparing the food.  Al Pastor pictured below.  Had to order 3 more to satisfy my hunger.img_0853

Carne Asada tacos.img_0852